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Methods of ground transportation between Bangor and Bar Harbor are limited, but Bar Harbor Shuttle LLC offers an affordable, consistent alternative.
We are located in Bar Harbor and make 2-3 daily trips.  We are also available on the the off season months.

The shuttle have a limited afternoon schedule on Sundays for the 2023 season. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We make 2-3 trips to Bangor and Bar Harbor once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and sometimes evenings.

DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL We strive to stay on schedule; however, occasionally there are delays caused by circumstances beyond our control. If your flight is running behind and you miss your scheduled shuttle, we will make our best effort to arrange for you to be transported on the next closest departure.  It takes an estimated 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel from Bangor to Bar Harbor. Contact us via phone or email for flexible schedule questions.

PICK-UP and DROP-OFF LOCATIONS are flexible. We’re happy to discuss after you request a reservation! Please be aware if your request is within 72 hour. Please call us at 207-479-5911.

RATES  Start at $70 per person. We have discounts for parties of 3 or more. We want to get you here, and we want to do that affordably. The Bar Harbor Shuttle offers discounted rates for groups of 3 or more on the same reservation.

Corporate discounts are also available for organizations using our service regularly. Please call for pricing.

*price is higher if you are the only passenger, please call or email for details.